• About Mike

“Mike is a phenomenal skills trainer. His skill-sets go beyond just his ability to make players better. He’s a true mentor, leader, and counselor for coaches and players!”   Mike is one of the best trainers I’m Possible has to offer nation-wide. Mike Allen has worked with International, WNBA and NBA players as well as players at SJ State, Santa Clara University,William Jessup University, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma University and Syracuse” – Micah Lancaster (I’m Possible Founder and NBA Skills Coach)

“The sports dynamic can accomplish great things in the correct environment. Through teaching and developing sports-related skills, everyone in attendance benefits and learns the importance of sportsmanship, education, drug-and-alcohol avoidance, and career planning.” – Mike Allen


Mike is has been featured in Sports Illustrated (Mar 5 2014), SportsStars (2012), San Jose Mercury (2004, 2008, 2012, & 2013) as well as many other media outlets for his work with players and communities all across the country. He is a former professional athlete, Coach of the Year, College All-American, MVP, and 2 x Leading Scorer in the Nation for Bible Colleges (27.4PPG, 7.9RPG). He also was a key player in winning 3 National Championships while in College (1993, 1994, 1995). He is also is the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Gunderson HS where he has developed the program and led the team from BVAL “C” League 2011, BVAL “B” League 2012 & 2013, BVAL “A” League  in the South Bay Area. He brings a wealth of experience, passion, and love not only for the game but for every player he mentors and motivates to get them on to the next level of their game and IQ on and off the court.

Born of the heart of a professional athlete who had a dream beyond professional basketball, Mike Allen had a vision to make a difference using sports as a tool, not only in the professional sports world, but also in schools, churches community centers, and boys’ and girls’ clubs all across the country.

Using sports, motivational speaking, and music as a tool to motivate and challenge people from all walks of life, Mike Allen shows others how to set goals and achieve them by working hard. Mike has developed a sizable following not only because he leads by example, but also because he leads with integrity, honesty,passion and respect for everyone.

Mike Allen has had the privilege of speaking to thousands of youth at basketball clinics/camps, school assemblies, PAL leagues and other events all across the world for over 10 years.